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The How-to's Of Water Heaters

The heater is now improved to such a point that its venting system is supported by a fan that forces fumes out through the wall. Connected to the water heater is also a pipe for supplying cold water. One important thing to note is the way heated water flows from the cylindrical tank of the heater through the piping and via faucets to the appliances in which it is used.

Some tanks actually do not have a water storage system.Hot water is produced by cycling it through a series of burners in the absence of tank, and then sent through the pipe network to an appliance such as a dishwasher. Tankless water heaters work in a special way that is almost entirely different from the way a normal heater works.

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They are able to supply hot water continuously. The energy efficiency of a tankless water heater my actually surprise you. Turning on the faucet is however the only way to get the tankless heater to heat water so it may be somewhat slow.

Storing water is something that a water heater cannot do. The tankless version only allows the water to be passed through it for heating while appliances at the other end use it.

Interesting Water Heater Facts:

  • Although instantaneous heaters can give a continuous supply of DHW the rate at which they can produce it is limited by the thermodynamics of heating water from the available fuel supplies.
  • An expansion tank or exterior pressure relief valve must be installed to prevent pressure buildup in the plumbing from rupturing pipes, valves, or the water heater.

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