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Simple Facts About Heating the Water In Your Home

Energy is converted into the form of heat and transferred into water by the water heater. The operational procedure of the water heater emulates placing a pan of water on a lit stove. A lot of energy is stored up in natural gas but only a fraction of it is needed to power the device used to heat water. Other water heaters can use fuels like propane or be powered by electricity.

Natural gas is however the cheapest means by which a water heater can be run. The water in the tank is warmed up by the heating element known as a burner sequestered under the tank. The wall holds a valve that opens and shuts to control the flow of gas into the water heater.  

So that the heat does not surpass safety levels, a thermostat closes the gas valve that gas can no longer come in. The heating element receives its initial light from a pilot. Using igniter devices on gas grills, a close observation will reveal that it closely resembles the pilot light mechanism of a water heater.

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The function of the vent is to channel out burnt out gases from the burner to the environment where it is relatively harmless. The roof of the heater is fitted with a PVC pipe that completes the venting system.

Interesting Water Heater Facts:

  • Water heating appliances in most other parts of the world do not use cold water storage tanks but heat water at pressures close to that of the incoming mains water supply.
  • The chief advantages of tankless water heaters are a continuous flow of hot water and energy savings (as compared to a limited flow of continuously heating hot water from conventional tank water heaters).

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