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Questions About Water Heaters - Here Are the Answers

Heating water for various applications is the sole function of a water heater. The principle of operation of the water heater is simply that of heat transfer from a source to a sink, where the water acts as the sink, and the gas is the source of energy. Gas released from the bowels of the earth with crude oil contains a lot of energy, some of which is harnessed to run a water heater. Propane is a highly volatile gas that imitates the combustion properties of natural gas, while electricity generated sufficiently can power anything, hence both are options with which to run a water heater if one were to run out of natural gas.

Propane and electricity however cost too much to be used extensively for heating water. The burner that heats the water is buried beneath the water heating tank. Attached to the wall is a valve that can be opened to let in gas to the heater, or closed to stop the flow.  

To avoid overheating, a thermostat is installed inside the water. A pilot light or a spark lights the burner up. Gas grills are ignited in much the same way.

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It is necessary to have something like an exhaust system to get rid of toxic emissions. A PVC pipe is a vital part that crowns the venting system, through which emissions are sent.

Interesting Water Heater Facts:

  • The most common type of water heater blanket is fiberglass insulation with a vinyl film on the outside.
  • In domestic installations, potable water heated for uses other than space heating is sometimes known as Domestic Hot Water (DHW).

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