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Residential Water Heater Facts and Figures

The primary purpose for which the water heater was invented is, as the name implies, to heat water. With the aid of heat from a burner, the heater raises water to higher than room temperature in a way similar to fire boiling water. Many sources of energy exist but natural gas is preferred in the case of water heaters. The principle on which water heating devices function can be imitated sufficiently by propane or electricity for those options to avail as alternatives for powering the device.

Heating water in any case costs a lot more than is wise to spend if you're using electricity or the petroleum by-product propane. Water is held in the tank of the heater and its temperature is altered by the heated burner beneath the tank. Water can be warmed only after gas has been infused through the channel located on the wall called a valve.  

Since thermostats are designed to sense and regulate temperature, one is needed for the proper function of the water heater. Do not infuse too much fuel into the heater because the spark needed to ignite it can result in an explosion. A close look at a gas grill will reveal a similar process.

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The vent rids the water heater of toxic emissions created at the burner to maintain an improved performance. Gas water heaters are roofed by the PVC pipe which is used in the venting system to channel out the toxic emissions from the system.

Interesting Water Heater Facts:

  • Modulated tankless water heaters base the heat output on the flow of water running through the unit.
  • Appliances for providing a more-or-less constant supply of hot water are variously known as water heaters, boilers, heat exchangers, calorifiers or geysers depending on whether they are heating Potable or non-potable water, in domestic or industrial use, their energy source, and in which part of the world they are found.

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