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What You Need to Know About Water Heaters

Heating water for various applications is the sole function of a water heater. With the aid of heat from a burner, the heater raises water to higher than room temperature in a way similar to fire boiling water. It's not rare to find water heaters powered by natural gas. Do not assume that only natural gas can be used for raising the temperature of water by a heater.

Powering a water heater by propane or electricity is however not as economical as powering by natural gas. Heat taken from the water heaterís burner warms the water in the tank to the intended temperature. The water heater receives gas through a valve in the wall.  

Fuel taken into the water heater can be regulated by a thermostat located inside the tank directly in contact with the water so as to be able to detect the variations in temperature and perform its function by relaying this information to the gas valve. Spark ignition, the process by which a fuel is fired by a spark is the originator of the heat that warms the burner, which in turn warms the water. The igniter works in the same way as that in a gas grill.

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Used up and intoxicating gas emissions need to find a way out of the system, else they negatively affect it, so the vent was added for just this purpose. Installed on the roof, emissions are sent through a PVC pipe that in essence enhances the performance of the heater.

Interesting Water Heater Facts:

  • In general, the more insulation on a water heater tank the better, since it reduces standby heat loss.
  • If a water heater is installed in a garage, it is recommended, and many codes require, that it be elevated at least 18 inches.

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