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How Residential Water Heaters Heat Your Water

The water heater is a device that is used for the purpose of heating water to convenient temperatures. Much like the transfer of heat from the sun unto an exposed piece of metal, or boiling water by a stove, the ring boiler or other similar appliances, the water heater works with similar principle. Most water heaters use energy absorbed from natural gas. Do not assume that only natural gas can be used for raising the temperature of water by a heater.

The scarcity of propane and the cost of electrical energy generation neutralize their cost effectiveness in powering water heaters compared to natural gas. Heat taken from the water heaterís burner warms the water in the tank to the intended temperature. Opening a valve on the wall close to the heater is the action that permits the pumping of gas into the heater to power it.  

Devising a means by which the temperature in a heater is controlled by the aid of a thermostat was a good idea of the manufacturers. A pilot light or a spark lights the burner up. A good example of this process can be found by closely watching a gas grill.

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It is imperative to have a vent system installed as part of the heater to relieve it of burnt up fumes. The venting system cannot perform effectively without a PVC pipe that helps to get rid of the emissions.

Interesting Water Heater Facts:

  • Water heating is a thermodynamic process using an energy source to heat water above its initial temperature.
  • Alternative energy such as solar energy, heat pumps, hot water heat recycling, and sometimes geothermal heating, may also be used as available, usually in combination with backup systems supplied by gas, oil or electricity.

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